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    Drop down list of table names


      I am working with a set of data including a transaction file and several balance files at various dates.  The objective is to do a standard opening + transactions = closing reconciliation.


      In order to make it more dynamic, I am seeking to make two drop downs so the user can select the opening and closing balance tables to pull the data from, but I cannot find any expression that allows me to list the available tables in the document as constraints for a dropdown box.


      I thought the hard bit would be filtering the transactions by an arbitrary date range, but it appears that that is the easy part (btw, http://community.qlik.com/qlikviews/1075 is a highly recommended introduction to date ranges)


      For background, the data structure includes the following files:

      Transactions - listing of all transactions

      20100101 - balance file

      20100708 - balance file

      20110503 - balance file

      ... [any future balance files in YYYYMMDD format]


      On import, all fields except the primary key are qualified for uniqueness and all balance files are have standard structure


      Has anyone come across this before, and know of any way to list the available tables?