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    Count values for specific period

      Hello everyone,


      I'm having trouble with QlikView 9. I'm trying to make motivational report for agents. In that report will be pivot chart with agent name, month and how many new POS each agent atracted. So the problem is to count new POS for each agent. One idea come up to count all DISTINCT POS for period (lets say from 2012.01.01 to month specified in dimension) and substract from it DISTINCT COUNT of POS for same period excluding curent month (DIMENSION). And that would leave number of new POS. But i cant figure out how to do it.

      Tryed using expresion COUNT(AGGR(POS,POS,AGENT,MONTH) but it doesn't work, or at least i need to figure out how to sort records in Sales table. Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Data structure:





      FROM sales2012.qvd;