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    Ideas for building an examination dashboard

      Hi all,


      I am trying to build a poc dashboard to view the performance of students.

      The data I have is marks of three exams, Grade, supervisor name and Student name.

      Any ideas?



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          What sort of ideas are you looking for?  How to do it, how to load the data, how to view it?




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              I was referring to the design of the dashboard.

              What sort of objects would be apt?

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                  Depends a little bit on what information you want to get out of it.  If the exams are the same subject and you're looking to show progress / improvement then you can try and show a trend.  I've attached a brief example using different subjects to look at overall performance by both supervisor and pupil, ranking of students etc.


                  The most important thing to think of first is what you want to be able to show from it.  Simply displaying results, looking for improvement, comparing supervisor groups, boys vs girls etc. Once you know what key things you need to show, condsider the best way to display that.  For example, I quite like the bar chart on its side for showing ranking.  It's nice and clear and names etc. can be easily read.  If you want a bit mor info (for example the first chart has marks as well as average per student) a normal horizontal bar and line combo chart is good.


                  Does that help any?

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                      Thnks a lot emma. I am going through ur dashboard now.

                      My data is examination marks for only one subject but conducted three times. i.e test1 marks, test2 marks and Final result marks. Also, I have the student details along with their supervisor details.

                      These students belong to different classes. Class 10- A, 10-B & 10-C. I would want to display the marks distribution among these classes.

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                          Had a bit of a play ... this is slightly different with the data loaded into a single results table so there's some set analysis to split some value out.  Loads of options available, if you're presenting this to another group.  Best to go with a limited number of options initially and then grow from there.  Present too many different graphs and charts to begin with and the overall message and value can get a bit lost ... especially if you're dealing with people bored of what they see as un-necessary.  Engage them with a few key points and make sure that however the data is going to be stored / maintained is at least as simple as their current method otherwise they simply won't do it!


                          Hope it all goes well!