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      Hi guys


      I want my multibox should always have a default value ????? how to achieve this functonality.

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          jagan mohan rao appala



          Select values you required in Multibox and lock the selection by using "Lock" option.


          Hope this helps you.




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            Edgar Baltazar

            Hello Manish05 , you could use triggers ... open your .qvw,  go to Settings->Document Properties->Triggers->Document Event Triggers , here you select 'OnOpen' and click on 'Edit Action', this will open a new window named 'Action', click on 'Add' button ... Action Type: Selection -> Selection in Field , then you indicate the field where is the value you want to select, and in the 'Search String' you indicate the value you want to select, then save changes, close the .qvw , open your .qvw and now everytime you open your qvw it should have selected the value you indicate !


            Hope this helps you! ... Regards!

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              Jonathan Dienst



              Select the values you want as the defaults, and then on the Selections menu, click "Set Clear State". Then when a user selects "Clear All", those value will be selected.