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    How to copy a value from another cell?

    Britt Karin Børnes


      I'm kind of new to qlikview and have a problem I need som help with. Any help would be appreciated

      I have a dimension with products:

      Product 1, 10

      Product 2, 15

      Product 3, -


      The expression I use is Sum(Volume)t.

      The problem is that for Product 3 I don't have any values, but it is the same value as for Product 2.

      I guess I could copy the value from the cell above, but the table is acutally much bigger and it would change when customers select different filters, so I don't think that would work in the long run.


      Any ideas how to do this?

        • How to copy a value from another cell?
          Oleg Troyansky

          What makes you believe that the value for Product 3 is the same as the value for Product 2? If the values are coming from a text file and empty cells always mean that the value remains the same, then you can use "Fill" transformation to fill the data at the load time.


          What I'm trying to say, the answer is hiding behind the logic of populating the value for one product based on the value for another product. Once you can formulate the logic of the substitution, we can find the way of facilitating this logic in QlikView.

            • How to copy a value from another cell?
              Britt Karin Børnes

              Hi Oleg,


              I know the value is the same because I've been told so. We calculate both income and volume for the products. There are numbers for income, but not volume because this productname is not used in the volumedata. For the income the product has been split into two categories.

              You are right, I will have to look closer on the datamodel and figure out where the value comes from. There is a lot of excelsheets in use to map data from different systems. I guess I was just hoping for a quick fix.


              Thanks for your reply!