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    Interactive x and y axis

      Hi all, I am fairly new to Qlikview but have used Tableau and Omniscope before. I have a question, I get the general way dashboards are created in Qlikview. However I wanted to know if there was anyway to change the axis of a chart via some form of a selection. For example, in one dashboard, I have a bar chart - can I have two list boxes where I can select what field I want to display in my x-axis using one list box and another list box for what field I want to use as my y-axis? So I may want country along the x-axis with say average sales on the y-axis, which I can change to say have region along the x-axis or say total sales along the y-axis. I was able to do this sort of thing in Tableau. The reason I ask is because without this feature I will have to create one chart for each field as apposed to one chart which I can select several values for the x or y axis. Thank you in advance! Rev

        • Interactive x and y axis

          Para cambiar la Y lo haces desde la dimensión donde puedes generar un grupo y un boton ciclico para estar cambiando lo que analizas y para la X es desde las expresiones allí puedes agrupar varias metricas, primero crea las expresiones que necesites digamos sum(), avg(), etc y al final las agrupas esto generara un boton el cual al precionarlo desplegara la metrica que tu deses mostrar, esto te ayudara a no generar varias graficas y todo hacerlo desde una.


          Espero haber ayudado,


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              Hi Juan - thanks for your reply but unfortunately I do not know how to speak Spanish. I tried to text translate your answer but still difficult to understand.

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                  Sorry, the main idea is for changing the Y axis is that you can do it in tha tab of dimensions where you can generate a group by clicking in the edit group, new and then choose whats dimension it should have and make it a Cyclic group. so then you can change the Y axis.


                  For the X axis you should do it in the expression tab, there you can group your metrics, first create them for example make sum(), avg(), etc.. then higlight the last expression and click the group button, at the end in the chart you must see two buttons, one for changing our dimensions and other for chanching the expressions, that way you dont have to do a lot of graphics you can have all of it in one.


                  I hope it help.



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                Vladimir Komarov

                There is a simple way to handle multiple Dimensions (X-axis) in the chart: by using grouping. You can create a Group from required fields and use it as a chart Dimension. Switching between these fields will be done by using "Group" button on the chart itself.

                You can also use two Right and Left axis' locations for your expressions (Y-axis) and show/hide them if necessary.


                But if you have more than two fields you would need to use as expression in one single chart, creating multiple charts and show/hiding them based on the list box selection seems to be the easiest approach.