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      Hi all,

      I'm trying to trend data using the qlikview Default "Trend " option in Expression and Extrapolate the data to 2 data points in the Axis.



      Problem is I need to Make the Trend line 'Dotted ' or some other way to distinguish the actual line(not by color).


      Attached is sample QVW


      Any thoughts on this



      Thanks in Advance

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          Edgar Baltazar

          I dont know if you can modify the trendline , but if you want to differentiate between the expression and the trendline, you can modify the expression line adding dots.


          I hope this can help you, best regards.




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              Thanks for your response .


              But that doesn't serve the Purpose.


              PFA Updated Copy.


              Here I calculated the "Trend line" using the Linear Formula (Linest_m/b) in Qlikview .


              and Able to generate Using the Expression  and make it "dotted".


              On a high level this will be fine .. but when drilling down to Sub levels / Selecting by dimension this will not work .


              Any thoughts on this


              Thanks in Advance

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              Vladimir Komarov

              I do not think you can change a trend line's style, but you can change it for your expression line(s) and keep it solid for trend line. You can also change color's options (transparency) for trend lines, and you can change Trend line's width to differ it from your expression's lines.


              Hope it helps.




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                Vladimir Komarov

                I've updated your app slightly to demonstrate how it might work

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                    Thanks for your response Vladimir , But that doesn't serve the purpose , i raised a ticket with Qliktech Support and the response is its not possible to change the style of Default trendline  from linear .


                    the only options to manipulate the default trendline are the one which  you mentioned in earlier post