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    How to evaluate values of fields at the data loading

      Hello expert,


      I have a question about data load with subfield() function.


      For example,


      C1 |C2   | C3


      a  | x/y | m

      b  | y   | n

      c  | y/z | n

      d/e| x   | m


      In the above table, some columns contains multiple values with separater '/' and

      they should be splited. But I'm not sure what column has multiple values before

      loading data.


      Simply writing is loading ALL fields with subfield(), but it is not smart.



      subfield(C1, '/') as C1,

      subfield(C2, '/') as C2,

      subfield(C3, '/') as C3



      I'd like to make the logic which evaluate the values of each field at loading.

      Does anyone help me?


      Thank you,