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    Qlikview 11 Extension and this.data.rows.length


      I have a question regarding the this.data.rows.length function in the Qv extensions.



      I have made an extension that tries to cycle through the possible values loaded in qlikview to compare to something loaded by the extension but when I do:



      [blah blah]


      var _this = this;


      if ($.isEmptyObject(file)) {


                          url: file_path,

                          type: "GET",

                          success: function(data){

                               alert(" _this Data Rows Length " + _this.Data.Rows.length);

                               var info = $(data).find("info");

                               $.each(info,function(){ alert("OK"); [BLAH BLAH BLAH] } );





      [blah blah]



      The alert result is always " _this Data Rows Length 0 "

      Yet the other function works perfectly fine, so the external data loaded by the function is actually there.


      Did I forget anything obvious?