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    Comparing 2 subsets of data using 2 charts?

      Hi All,


      Fairly new to Qlikview and currently exploring it to see if it is what I am looking for in terms of how flexible it is and will it do what I need it to.


      I get how to create fairly simple dashboards (I have used Omniscope and Tableau in the past) in Qlikview, however I need to find out if it is possible to do some more advanced stuff.


      For instance, can I have say two bar charts, one with say a country=USA and the other country=UK on the same dashboard? In other words using the same field (country) but one chart filtered by one value and the other filtered by another value. This would enable the user to be able to compare them for a given x and y axis.


      The reason I ask is because from what I understand any filtering performed seems to impact all sheet objects and all other dashboards. This makes it difficult for benchmarking.


      To illustrate what I mean - I have attached a word document which has 3 example charts, one for USA, one for UK and the last one shows the differences between the two charts.