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    Quarter over Quarter Comparison

    Scott Springer

      Please help - I am trying to show a year over year comparison (by Quarter).  I have a chart built that shows spend by Office Location.


      I'm using the following to try and determine the total Charges for the selected quarter, or most recent quarter, LAST YEAR:




      and the same quarter for THIS YEAR:




      Unfortunately when I select a quarter or year at the top of the QVW I'm getting all kinds of odd results.  It isn't showing the most recent quarter for comparison.


      Similarly, I'm using =QuarterName(max(DateInvoice),-4)  as my headers, and those aren't working right either.  When I select "Q4" from a list box it reads "Jan-Mar 2012" instead of "Oct-Dec 2012" like I need.


      Please help.  Thank you,