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    Displaying Euros - how do you show decimal place as a comma in free text?

    Neil Gulliver

      I have a requirement to display monetary amounts in Euros. Therefore, thousands use '.' separator whereas cents use ',' separator.

      (e.g. 5 thousand euros and 35 cents = 5.000,35).

      Whilst this is straight forward to change this within the Numbers tab, I am having some difficulty when using it in chart titles and any free text.


      I have written the following:


      replace(num(sum(fieldname), '##.#0'),'.',',')


      using replace to get the . to appear as ,


      However, I am struggling to find a way of separating the thousand with a decimal point. This is particularly a problem when the numbers are in the millions and you need more than one decimal point (e.g. Euros 9248563,05 needs to be 9.248.563,05).


      Has anyone found a way of getting round this ?