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    Linear Guage "Representation" - need one bar to be one color

      I hope this is an easy one ... I am not an expert on Guage charts, please advise...


      There are two expressions...

      • the 1st creates the numeric values that go within the guage bars and is a "Text" "Representation", and has the bgcolor formula.  If I  uncheck "Enable"  i get one bar color, but no numeric values, so it defeats the purpose.
      • the 2nd expression creates the bars , shading, etc.


      I have an Expression where the "Representation" option is "Linear Guage".  


      The problem is that a single chart bar may have two colors within the bar, see Math Algebraic Thinking 21% and Math Data Analysis 25%.  I need the bar to be the SAME color, bright green.  I also need all the Reading bar colors to stay the same color (not bright green, but a duller green color).

      FYI-  Keep in mind that when comparing multiple bars, they may be different colors based on the bgcolor formula.


      Can someone help me to have the same bar color?


      Thank you in advance,