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    Selectable Measures

      Hello to anybody


      I just built a dashboard. Now I am looking for a solution for the following problem



      • I have several elements in my dashboards (diagramms and tables)
      • The formula / expression to callculate the value (measure) is not a simple aggregation. Rather it's a expression like
        sum(Weighting-Factor * Rating) / sum(Weighting-Factor) --> Weighted Average Rating.
      • Sometimes I need other measures like avg(Rating) --> Average Rating Without Weighting
      • If I need the other measures, then I need it for all my elements in the dashboard at the same time


      Objective: I can select the needed measure in a drop-down box on the dashboard. All the elements on the dashboard use the selected measure.


      Questions: How can I reach the objective? What do I have to implement?

      • Step 1: How can I store my expressions in variables, which can be simply used in several elements (without anytime typing in the whole expression)?
      • Step 2: How can I implement the drop-down box to select the measures for all my elements?


      Thank you very much for your help.