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    licenses & users management

      1.-If i Use System Mon 3.5 I can only see users that has been logged in at least 1-x times  but i can't see the total amount of users added in the applications. All that i can see is the total amount of ("Named users" and "Document CALS") Without details.



      2.- If i need to copy users from any application that we have, I can't copy  the information of users registered in each application.



      some ideas?

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          vikas mahajan

          You can View users logged in Qlikview Enterprise Managment Console.

          • licenses & users management

            Hi Zionmckay,


            You can find more detail information in Session logs. Set the debug property in Server to hightest.


            How you are coping users from one application to another. I coudn't understand your requirement clearly. Users should be present in a database table or in excel sheet which you should be loading into Qlikview application. The same table or excel sheet can be used in another QV application.


            Hope this help,

            Anosh Nathaniel

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              Thank you!


              In the console I can see the total users Named Cal and Total Document CAL licenses.

              I can know which users are licensed. In the console I can see the application to see what users are added.

              But I can not select all and copy to an excel document.


              Why I do this? For over two years there are users who are not seeing applications and still hold the license.

              So I need to do a comparison of the total licensed users and those using the applications.


              For example, total registered users app_xtg_list.qvw licensed: 50. In the same application users using the application 25.


              Within the application monitoring system I can see users who have logged at least once, but there may be licensed users who have not logged ever, so I need to know the difference to eliminate and free up the licenses.


              So I need to copy all users from the console for each application and export an excel spreadsheet to make a difference with those who is not using the applications to remove their licenses.


              It is also useful to know if a user has more than 4 document CAL's and so change their license to Named CAL.