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    Grouping data



      I'm a newbie in qlikview. My question is how to group a dimension. For example I have a state dimesnion with values 'NJ','NY",'MA','PA' . I want to group them say 'EAST COAST'. Please help.


      Thank You. Any help is highly appreciated.

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          Oleg Troyansky

          Typically, you'd create a new field in your data model, call it "Region", for example, and associate each Region with the corresponding States.


          Once you have a field like that, you can use it as a Dimension in a Pivot Table (for example), and use States as a secondary dimension.


          Alternatively, you could use some sort of dynamic grouping with string functions like Match() etc..., but those solutions don't scale very well for large data, and therefore I wouldn't recommond to get into the habit of using them.





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              Mine is a very small set of data..I tried to use match function but it wasn't rolling up to region level. Please assist.

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                  Dave Riley

                  Oleg has suggested creating a "Region" field in the load script which is quite simple.  I would suggest looking up the MAPPING LOAD and APPLYMAP functions in the help sections.


                  Simply put, you build and manage the Mapping table first, then call it using ApplyMap in the dataload.




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                Deepak Shrivastava

                You can try using EDIT GROUPS properties in Dimension Tab of Charts. You can group multiple dimension into one using this property. You can include all the states in one group and name as per your need.

                Edit Groups.jpg