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    How to add values to dimension

    Anna Ahromina

      Hi, guys! I have the following problem:

      I have week dimension, and user can set the period which will be used as the dimension (for exemple 5,6 weeks).

      I need to add in the pivot table user selection plus 3 weeks before the set period (in this case it will be 2,3,4,5,6 weeks). As I see it, I need to use set anlysis in my dimension and calculate min number of the week selected by user, then take 3 weeks before the minimum selection and add it to the dimension. But I don't know how to do that Please, help.

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          Edgar Baltazar

          Hello Hellcat_mow , dont be sad hehehe ! , check the .qvw that I attached , is a simple example that i made for you, its not difficult, you only have to create 2 variables (One that is gonig to be the Minimun week you selected minus 3 , and the other is the maximum week that you selected), then in your object you only have to make a expression with set analysis where you indicate that you want to sum (what ever you want) only in the interval that of weeks that you have in the 2 variables that you created, check the .qvw and realize that if you select one or more weeks in the pivot table chart you have those weeks and three weeks before the ones you selected, hope this solve your problem! , Regards!