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    Total Mode Sum Vs Expression Total

    Yaniv Egozi



      I am having a sales  table which shows the sales, MarginAmount and %MarginAmount which is calculated

      My Sales are calculated in the table and if I am using "Total Mode" as Sum of rows I am getting the correct Total result If I am using "Expression Total" The Total in inacurate.
      My problem is when I am calculating the %MarginAmount I am getting the wrong % because it uses the Expression Total.
      I have also tried column(2)/column(1) but with no help


      Thanks in advance

        • Total Mode Sum Vs Expression Total
          Jonathan Dienst



          Any ratio expression is non-additive, so the sum of rows and expression calculations will differ. The total is not inaccurate, just different, and it might not be what you want.


          I assume that you are using a pivot table, where you cannot select the sum of rows option. To get the sum of rows, use an expression like the following:


          Sum(Aggr(.... your expression here ..., ... chart dimensions here)),


          Hope that helps