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    Filter in Pivot

      I have created Pivot table in QlikView, but I can't add filter in Pivot table similar to excel pivots.

      In excel 2007 we can add "Report filter" for any given field to ensure Pivot chart/table will display only selected values in report filter.

      For e.g. if fruit_name is one of the column then in excel 2007 pivot we can select one or two types (for e.g. apples,oranges) and report will be always displayed for these two fruit names.

      How to do this in Qlikview Pivot?

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          Edgar Baltazar

          Hello AdrePeter as i see it you have 3 options:


          1. Create a listbox with the field you want to filter values... in this case a listbox of ´fruit_name´ and select only the values you want to see. (Obviosly this selection affects entire model).


          2.Use a set analysis expression (Check the expressions tab of the object 'Option 2' in the .qvw that i made for you)


          3.Use a calculated dimension to limit the values that you want to display in your chart (Check the dimensions tab in the object titulated Option 3 in the .qvw that i attach here)



          Notice that if you use a calculated dimension in your case you dont have to use a set analysis in your expression (Check both , dimension and expression tab in the two objects that would be more clear)


          Hope this help, Regards

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              Thanks Edgar. Listbox options I don't want to use as I want to put filter in Pivot itself. Thanks for providing options 2 and 3, I will try those.

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                Caroline Acosta

                Hello!  I have a similar problem but want to filter the current week and onwards..  For example,  for this week , my first column would start with 02/03...

                                            Monweek 02/03             02/10             02/17

                           Product A                  100               200                300


                Next week :

                                                             02/10             02/17            02/27

                           Product A                  100                  100                  100 



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                Hi Max, thanks for the response. It was helpful. But I used "Set Analysis Expression" as it was helpful to my requirment.