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    Alternate States And Set Analysis

    Mike Chasse

      I'm currently in the process of implementing alternate states in an existing dashboard using QV11.  I have already created a new state called, MyNewState, and have linked all of the filters and charts on one sheet to this new state.  This state will be used to control all filtering within the sheet so that the filtering for this sheet operates independently from the filtering of the other sheets.

      One of my existing combo charts contains the following set analysis expression:

      SUM({$<[Field1]={$(=Max([Field1]))}>} Sales)


      I need to convert this expression so that is based on the new state.  My first attempt (below) failed.


      SUM({[MyNewState]<Field1={(=MAX({[MyNewState]} Field1))}>} Sales)



      Can anyone tell me the correct syntax to convert the original set analsys expression so that it uses the new state?