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    Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working

      Hi All,


      I am running Qlikview 11 (11.00.11282.0 SR1 64bit) and very much just getting started.  I have downloaded a few examples but am completely thwarted by the following problems.


      • When I download an example qvw file and look at the properties of an item, I see options for "Use Borders" and "Rounded Corners" on the layout tab.  However, in my own files, I do not have these options.
      • I have read (and re-read) instructions on drill down groups but am having an issue making one work.  I have a simple date drill down where I have generated year, month, week, and day in the load script.  But, nothing happens when clicking on the drill down... it just stays stuck on year.




      I have attached an example file which should illustrate both of these issues.  Is it possible that I have a corrupted instillation or am I just missing something fundamental?




        • Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working
          m w

          For the Drill down group, click to select an OS Status.


          For Borders and Rounded Corners, click Layout|User Preferences. On the Design tab, select Advanced for the Default Styling mode.

          • Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working

            For Drill down group, you need to actually click on bar or on legend to switch to different level.


            For Borders, I agree with mwoolf.

            • Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working

              DRILL DOWN GROUPS:


              I guess I am just not 'feeling' the drill down groups.  I don't think that the movements between the various zooms (year, month, etc) are graceful.  And "moving up" to a different zoom, changes my selelctions which is just annoying.  I think that the Cycle Group is working more as I would expect it to... but I am going to need to create some compound date fields do that it aggregates in the "right" way.  This seems like a lot of work to handle "time".


              ROUNDED CORNERS:


              I found the setting under |Settings|User Preferences|Design|Design Styling Mode|=Advanced.  (Thank you!)


              However, it appears that you can not apply this to an existing qvw file ?!?  Now that I set the option, I am able to create new QVW files that have the ability to apply this formatting.  My existing QVW files still do not have the option though


              It is a bit like having to tell MSWord that you want to use bold before your start typing.  Any idea on how to make this feature available in my existing documents so that I don't have to start over?

                • Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working
                  m w

                  For existing qvws, go to Settings|Document Properties and on the General tab, select Styling Mode as Advanced.

                  • Incomplete Options on Layout Tab & Drill Down Groups Not Working
                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                    Re: Advanced Styling: That's because you have changed the user preferences, that will affect to any documents you start from that moment. But you can set the styling mode to Advanced for one document, going to Settings, Document Properties, General tab. That will change all the objects in the current document.


                    Re: Drill Down and Cyclic Groups: There are many ways to do selections in QlikView. Think of a chart showing Year from 2000 to 2012. If you click on the value 2012 you are actually selecting Year = 2012 to any means. So that will change any other objects available, as if you created a new listbox with Year and selected 2012.


                    You can even drag to make a selection from 2010 to 2012. That is like if you select using either control or dragging the mouse over the values 2010, 2011 and 2012.


                    Drill Down groups, as it name implies, are as a "ladder". Obviously, you can create the group with any dimensions, either it makes sense or not. But if you create one logical (Year -> Month -> Date) when you click on 2012 you will see all values for field Month that correspond to selection = 2012. If you click then on Feb you will see all values in Date corresponding to selections Year = 2012, Month = Feb. And so on.


                    Cyclic groups are not this kind of "ladder". But that means that, following the example above, if you don't select any value, and select "Month" from the cyclic group, you will display the sum of all jan, feb, mar, apr, etc... which may make no sense at all (sum for jan from 2000 to 2012, for example).


                    So it all depends on what the user expects to see and how do you want them to interact with the application.


                    Hope that shed some light.