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    LED Graph change OFF color

      I have been looking through the discussions and can't find how to change the OFF color of the LED Graph control.  The default color of the ON color is Green, which is easy to change, however, there does not seem to be a way to change the OFF color of the segments.  Does anyone know how to do this?

        • LED Graph change OFF color
          Jonathan Dienst



          Not sure what you mean by the OFF colour. Normally the LED graph has traffic light or red/green states. The levels for these states are set in th presentation tab. By default the item usually comes with two states, but you can add more if you need, or remove one so that you only have one state.


          If the expression value falls outside the min/max range you define, the LED will show "unlit". Is that what you mean?

          Select "Single Light" mode for this to work best.


          Hope that helps


            • LED Graph change OFF color

              The object is probably somewhat mis-labeled.  Qlikview states the control as an LED, where it actually is a seven segment display object.  There are OFF and ON colors for 7 Segment Display.  Qlikview only allows you to change the ON color.  I do not see anywere where you can change the OFF color.