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    Show explanations in charts

    Miikka Koskinen



      One of my customers have sales data and different events, for example promotion campaigns. They would like to see on top off sales data those events with explanations.



      In above picture is example data with 2 events, only thing missing is explanations.


      Data for above example is below:




      Load * Inline [

      Date,    Value

      20120101,    100

      20120102,    110

      20120103,    90

      20120104,    120

      20120105,    150

      20120106,    160

      20120107,    150





      Load * Inline [

      Date,    Event

      20120105,    'Margin up'

      20120107,    'Promo out'



      So ideal situation would be when customer hovers mouse over 20120105 event they will see text 'Margin up' and when they will hover mouse over 20120107 event they will see 'Promo out'.






        • Show explanations in charts

          Hi Miikka,


          You can set an expression in a chart to display whatever pop-up you would like.


          First, you need to switch off the default pop-up that is displayed, by going into the presentation tab of the chart properties and unchecking the "pop-up labels" box.


          Then add an expression in the expressions tab, that evaluates to what you would like to see. In this case "=Event".

          In the options to the right of the expressions, uncheck all the display options boxes (bar / line etc) and check the "text as pop-up box"


          You will see that the icon next to the expression has changed to a speech bubble, this means it is only being used for pop-ups.


          Apply and close the properties and the event should now display as a pop-up


          Let me know if this helps!





            • Re: Show explanations in charts
              John Chatlani

              Hi Erica -


              Does this only work on BAR charts? I attempted to use this on a line chart and it didnt seem to work?


              I did find this post which suggests that there is an issue and that a bar has to be introduced



              The problem is that QV redimensions my chart such that my dimensions and expressions no longer visualize in the same manner.


              I have 2 dimensions and 1 expression.  In a line chart one dimension appears on the x-axis and the other on the y-axis and the expression is what is shown.  When I switch to a combo chart and add the bar expression it now shows both dimensions on the x-axis and my expression on the y-axis.

              Simply disabling the bar chart expression in the properties fixes this situation.  Ultimately, I am back to square 0 ; Any help is appreciated.


              Thank you