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    Cannot retrieve SAP report with an error: Could not convert from 1100 codepage to 4103 codepage

    Ulvi Aliyev

      Dear Community!

      Last few days I am desperately trying to retrieve some reports, but for no result.


      The case is as follows:

      There is some report with multiple variables (Say V1, V2, V3, etc).


      For first few reports (V1, V2), the default SAP Report connection string works fine and the variants are retrieved normal. But for V3, the error "Could not convert from 1100 codepage to 4103 codepage" crashes connector dll and script stops loading.

      Adding Lang=CS solves the issue for V3 but now previous variants (V1, V2) are crashing with the same error!


      The solutions I could think of were:

      1. Add multiple codepage selection string to connector's connection string.

           Could not find a way to do this!

      2. Handle errors thru ErrorMode variable and in case of error, connect with diferent connection string.

           But it came out that the connector does not raise an error, exception or anything else. It just crashes the connector dll. So the reload just fails, regardless the ErrorMode state.


      So, with all this in mind, is there any way or workaround that may help to solve this case?

      Any advise or suggestion is welcomed!

      Thanks in advance!