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      Since two days i am not able anymore to execute one of my publisher jobs to get data from the SAP. The following failure message appears:


      05.06.2012 20:54:39: 1934    from VBAK

      05.06.2012 20:54:39: 1935    WHERE ERDAT >= '20120605' OR AEDAT >= '20120605'

      05.06.2012 20:54:39:         Error: /QTQVC/OPEN_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = RFC_INVALID_HANDLE (An invalid handle was passed to the API call)

      05.06.2012 20:54:39:         General Script Error

      05.06.2012 20:54:39:         Execution Failed

      05.06.2012 20:54:39:      Execution finished.


      Before yesterday there was no problem executing this job. It's the same if i try to do this manually.

      It only works if i execute the same qvw without the delta function.


      Does anyone have an idea about that ?


      Thanks and best regards




      (Were are using connector version 5.6 an QV 10 SR3)