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    Parse data with condition

      How do you set a variable from a condition statement. If field A contains the words '# of locations' then set field B to TRUE.

        • Parse data with condition

          I dont know if I understand well but as can see you can create the 2 variables with the next statement:

          Variable1 =if([FIELDNAME]=2009,1,0)

          Variable2 =if($(Variable1)=1,'TRUE','FALSE')


          You can make a force selection of a field with the information of the variable that you want I meant you can create a button or something to activate a selection depends on the variables that you created.


          Hoe it helps.

          • Parse data with condition

            You should be able to use 'like'.


            Variable = If([Fieldname] like '*# of locations*','True','False')


            good luck!