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    Resident Load failing in Dev working in Production

      Hi All,

      I was trying to sync up our Prod and Dev for one set of Dashboards by bringing over Production copies to dev as the name of our Dev server had to be changed. I renamed everywhere (distribution Services etc., restarted all the services) and was checking if all the scheduled jobs were wokring fine. All of them did except for the one I have a question about.


      The dashboard was developed by someone not accessible at the moment thus my question.

      I set up job streams in Dev exactly as in Production, I brought over all files (only qvw's not qvd's) from Prod (ETL, Data Model, presentation) to dev. I point the qvd and qvs folders to point to Dev path in all files.

      This one file in question uses the data model file in the Binary load (Binary [..\DataModel\DM_01_ABCD.qvw];) in the Initialize tab.

      The second tab contains the resident load where the issue occurs

      Load OP.Code as ProductID,
            OP.FYNR as Revenue,
            Lookup('O.Execution_Year','Opportunity_Name',Opportunity_Name,'O') as ExecutionYear,     
            Opportunity_Product as OppProd,
            Lookup('O.Forecast_Status','Opportunity_Name',Opportunity_Name,'O') as RevenueType,
               Lookup('O.ID','Opportunity_Name',Opportunity_Name,'O') as ID,
               Lookup('P2.Business_Unit','Product_Name',Product_Name,'P2') as Business_Unit
        Resident OP;



      The load succeeds fine in Production, but when I try to reload this file in Dev, it fails with the error

      Scipt Error

      Table Not Found



      Resident OP


      So my question is what am I missing?

      Should I look in to the Data Model file, but the data model is coming out fine in the import.

      Should I bring over the QVD files (I think I should not have to and they should be generated by the ETL scripts)

      Any suggestions as to what may be causing the issue or how should I proceed to track this down would be greatly appreciated.




        • Resident Load failing in Dev working in Production
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          In the QVW where the error appears, is there actually a table labelled as "OP"? If yes, does it have the same fields that any other table previously loaded in the script?


          Hope that helps.



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              Hi Miguel,

              No there is no table in the qvw which is erroring out. All the tables that show up in the data model are due to the binary load of the data model file DM_01_ABCD.qvw.

              In fact apart from the script in my initial post the only script in the file are a few set and let assignments.

              I , however,  brought back the data model file from Production to Dev and reloaded it and that fixed the problem. So, the problem was with the data model file. Something might have happened when I last copied it over which was causing the issue.


              Thanks for your help, it might have been what kick started the thought process to look at the data model file more closely.