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    Constrain date2 to be greater than date1

      I have a table which lists the date a lead was generated, the date any action was taken, and the result codes for that action. However, if I select a Lead Start of, say, June 1, 2012, I still see all the prior activity generated on that account, in some cases going back years. This is no help in determining how a particular lead was handled.


      What I want is a way IN THE TABLE to select ActionDate >= StartDate. In other words, if the lead was started on June 1, 2012, I only want to see action dates that are on or after June 1. I CANNOT DO THIS IN THE SCRIPT, as I never know what lead date will be selected before , and it takes about 3 minutes to load the data on each refresh.


      My questions: Is there a way to do this IN THE TABLE? If so, how? Please don't assume I'm knowledgeable beyond the very basics, and tell me exactly where to put any expressions, and exact syntax. Thanks for your help.