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      I Have a table  in the following format:


      FirstName,LastName , Address,SSN



      I want to take a resident of the above table and get the data only where SSN is maximum??????

      Please help

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          LOAD * INLINE [
              FirstName, LastName, Address, SSN
              a, a, a, 1
              b, b, b, 2
              c, c, c, 3
              d, d, d, 3


          tempTable1: //This table loads only one entry with max SSN
          First 1 Load
          FirstName as tempFirstName,
          LastName as tempLastName,
          Address as tempAddress,
          SSN as tempSSN
          Resident tempTable order by SSN desc;


          LET maxSSN=FieldValue('tempSSN',1); //Getting the maxSSN


          NoConcatenate  //Make sure it does not concatenate with tempTable
          Load *
          resident tempTable where SSN=$(maxSSN);


          Drop table tempTable;
          Drop table tempTable1;


          Is that what you are looking for?



          Xue Bin