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    How to access system objects inside extension object script?

    Lee Matthews

      I am creating an extension object to display some text in a scrollable box in QlikView - just like an HTML textarea element. The text in the box will be populated from an external source, and the user will be able to edit the text and click a button to save it back to the source. To start with I am trying to get the text from (and store it) in an xml document or even just a text file. But I am finding that when I try to instantiate a filesystem object or xmldom object in the script it does not work. I assume a DB connection object would be the same.


      Should the extension object javascript be able to reference system objects such as ActiveX, ADO and FileSystem?

      I have set the module security to allow System Access, but does that also relate to extension objects or is there some other configuration I have missed?


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