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    Help with expression (if condition)

      Hi Friends,


      I have a 'calender' table having years from 1900 to 2999.

      This calender table is joined with another table (Say A) by a key (Say A_key)


      This table A is joined to my fact table (Say B) by a key (Say B_key) --so basically its a snow-flake kind of connection to calender table.


      Table B contains information related to candidate responses to a set of questions, and main metrics is sum(candidate_response)


      Now the requirement is, as a filter, we need to show the "Year"


      When i simply add a list box for year, it shows all the values from 1900 to 2999

      I dont want this. I want to show in the "Year" filter, only those values which have sum(candidate_response) >0 (or simply put..those Years which are relevant and has informative data associated with it)


      The expression which i tried in "Year" listbox was this =if(sum({<Year>}candidate_response)>0,Year)


      This did not work. Can any experienced guys help me here.