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    Double entries



      I'm new to Qlikview and I have a few questions


      - I have two tables.


      One table contains a calendar with dates/months etc.

      One table contains the issues from my helpdesk tool.




      Qlikview creates an automatic relation between the datum fields (Date) which is perfect.


      All my filters work fine but I have empty rows of dates on the date rows where I don't have issues. This is because my calendar table has more dates in the past and future than my helpdesktool has issues. This makes sense..




      How can I filter these lines? I don't want to see the dates which don't have issues.


      Should I use a third table with a resident load ?


      And my second question. Is it possible to create two piecharts at the same location? For example:


      Piechart 1 contains the main selection--> Click on a selection --> Piechart 1 shows the sub selection of the selected main.


      Thank you!

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          Yves Ndjoli

          i think, you need a third table with resident load



          resident table where not( isnull(Status) and isnull(ServiceID) and isnull(Titel));


          For the second question I dont't have Idea :-(

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              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



              To the first question: if you are using a tablebox, go to the object Properties, Presentation tab, just click on the corresponding field (for example, Status) and check where "Omit Rows Where Field Is NULL". If you show that in a chart, the aggregation function (for example, Sum()) will only show those dates with values.


              To the second question, create a drill down group with the two fields you want to show. Go to the Settings menu, Document Properties, Groups, add a new Drill Down group and add the fields you want to keep in the hierarchy (Field1 when clicked all values in Field2...)


              Hope that helps.



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                  Thank you for the response!


                  I can't use the "Omit Rows Where Field Is NULL" function because the enrty is not 'NULL"  there are filled in rows :




                  As you can see I still see the rows without a serviceID.


                  Maybe I'm using the incorrect table box.


                  I want to do this:


                  Show a field with the following fields:


                  Jaarkort ( from the calendar table)       ( translation:  year)

                  Maandkort ( from the calendar table)   (translation:  month)

                  Status (from the helpdesk table)

                  ServiceID (from the helpdesk table)

                  Title(from the helpdesk table)        


                  I would like to see a list where only the rows with a serviceid are shown. So that I can easily export that selection to Excell.


                  Answer two was perfect!

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                      Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                      Table box should work fine. But you need to click on field Status, Service and Titel and check the "Omit Rows..." That means that if the row has a null value for that field, the entire row is hidden. If that does not work as expected, create a new object, Chart, type straight table to keep it the most similar to what you are showing above, and set Jaarkort, Maandkort as dimensions, and




                      as expressions.


                      Hope that helps.



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                  Thanks! That worked perfect. I used the "Omit Rows..." solution on the fields.