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    Max value for a inputfield



      for a input field i have to limit te value to 100 (from 0 to 100 is allowed)


      INPUTFIELD vrijgave;


      LOAD id as cid,

          project as proj,




      Where and how can i do this?


      tnx in advance

        • Max value for a inputfield
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Inputfields do not have parameters or constraints, as variables have, for example. You just set that a field can be modified and that value will be kept into memory until specified. But you cannot prevent the user to enter any value in the input field, even text when the field is numeric or viceversa...


          You may think of using variables instead, that are populated with the value of that field, but have some max, mins and constraints limiting the format, number, size...


          Hope that helps.