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    Conditional field content based on another field (different table)



      I'm loading a table which is the main data set and I'm also loading up a "Data Island" not connected with the data set but containing True / False flags and also values for a field which is used for Initial selections which is generated from section access data and the current user so these values will change. I can hard code the if statement but I need to know how to reference the fields in the data island so that the conditional value is dynamic for each user.


      For example:





      The initials will correspond with initials in the main data-set(I know there is no link but set analysis will be used for filtering).


      What Im trying to achieve is a conditional value in field ID(main data-set) based on: If the Data island flag showID is true then show the ID but only where the initials are ABC but for initials DEF do not show.


      I've no problem writing the conditional if statement, what I really need help with is accessing / comparing the data set data with the data island data at the point of running the if statement to decide what content to show.


      Ultimately I want to be able to conditionally change the value of sensitive fields based on permissions stored in a SQL table in conjunction with section access.