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    Use of qmem, info and bundle to use custom icons

    Alexis VAILLANT

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to use custom arrows and icons


      I'm trying to embed the files into the qvw using the following script




      Img, Image

      sad, smile_sad_48.png

      grin, smile_grin_48.png



      then into an expression to call the icon like that


      =if($(var1)>$(var2), 'qmem://Img/smile_sad_48.png','qmem://Img/smile_grin_48.png')


      It does not work


      I changed the reference png to bundled ones an it works:


      =if($(var1)>$(var2), 'qmem://Img/smile_sad_48.png','qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/led_g.png')