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    Inconsistency in QMC Document Attribute Editor

      I am adding attributes to several documents for various reason to help with filtering and ran across a UI issue. I'm not sure if this is the right place to surface this issue. If not, let me know.


      For a given user document I added an attribute called Target Device. It has potentially two values: iPad and Desktop. On the document called iPadTest1.qvw, I set the attribute and value to iPad and clicked Apply. I next selected the document DesktopTest1.qvw and added the attribute with the value Desktop and clicked Apply. I clicked back to iPadTest1.qvw and the attribute value shows Desktop instead of iPad. I open AccessPoint and it shows two values for Target Device, iPad and Desktop, with one document each.


      A little more testing and I found that the QMC seems to not refresh the Attribute list when clicking from one document with attributes to another document with attributes.


      I am running QVS11 on Win2k8R2. My client is IE9 (32bit) on Win7Ent 64bit.


      Has anyone else seen this? Am I doing something wrong here?