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    License issue

    Kjetil Kleppe

      have a Named User license. In Qlikview the text "You ar currently leasing a license from xxx.xx.x.x" displays.
      I also have a second computer, a laptop where QlikView also is installed. But in QlikView on the laptop the text "You are running QlikView Personal Edition" shows. I have no problems with accessing the QlikView app's on the server from my laptop, but ofcourse if I try to copy an app from the server to the local computer (the laptop) it doesn't work. And then I get problems when I am going to have a lecture on a place with no Internet connection, because I'm not able to open the app copied to my laptop.
      Why don't I get a leased license on my laptop too? I am on the same network, using the same logon credentials on both my computers. The connection to the QlikView server is also equal on both my computers

        • License issue
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          You answered yourself: when you assign a license to a user, it will work only in one computer. The license will be leased to the last user to ask, so it may happen that in your first computer the next time you start QlikView is running in Personal Edition because the license assigned to your user has been leased on the second computer.


          In short: one Named CAL, one computer, many documents, but you cannot use the same user in different computers.


          Hope that helps.