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    Max num shown /dimensionnal limit

      Hi everyone,


      I would like to limit the dynamically the number of row displayed in table box. There is an option 'Max num shown' but it seems it's not possible select more than 100 rows. In v11, the dimensionnal limit tab is available, so it's possible to display more than 100 rows (limit). A flip flop 'displayed only' allows to use superior to/inferior to, but it's not possible to use this option in combinaison with the first option.


      What i have :


      column No     Name      Rate

      1                   John          30 %

      2                   Jimmy        50%

      3                      Jim           55%




      2500               Jean          90%



      What i want to display :

      the top 150 (this number need to be dynamyc but it's another problem) of people who have a rate highter than 30% (i'm trying to avoid set analysis)


      Does someone have any idea ?


      sorry for grammar mistakes, hope it's understantable ..