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    Arranging Pivot Rows in Dimension

      Hi, I am new to Qlikview. my data has variable program_code as clients a,b,c,d,e. and tot_orders as Orders, profit, discount.. etc. Now I was trying to create a pivot table for yesterday's data. but unable to create it. I am trying to show clients name in dimention (1st column) and other factors like orders , profit in expression for yesterday.
      1st I used the following in Expression:
      (if( order_status='Finalised' and program_code='a', Tot_Orders))
      and in Dimension I used:
      if(date>=date(now())-1, date)
      Now if I use in Dimension:
      sum(if(date>=date(now())-1, program_code))
      OR only program_code
      and in expression :
      (if( order_status='Failed' , Tot_Orders))
      it do not fetch clients name and says error in calculation. please suggest
        • Arranging Pivot Rows in Dimension



          I am not sure if I understood exactly, but according to my understanding, I may suggest the followings:


          1) As dimension just use the program_code field.


          2) Calculate and keep yesterday in a variable:



          3) In the expression use set analysis:

               Sum ( {$ <Date={$(vYesterday)}, Order_Status={'Failed'} >} Tot_Orders)


          Syntax might be incorrect, so pls. refer to qlikview help if necessary.


          If you need to discuss further, it will be easier to discuss over an example qlikview file with some data.


          Best regards,