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    Getting QlikView WebServer to use DSC

      Hello all,

      I have a QlikView WebServer (QVWS) that is not part of my domain. However, it is configured to use the Directory Services Connector (DSC) that is part of my domain.

      My question is: Is there a way to get the QVWS to use the DSC in the domain to authenticate my user's credentials?


      What I'm trying right now:

      I used QMC to configure the Authentication of the non-domain QVWS from "Always" to "Login". This way, anyone can reach AccessPoint without logging in. In order to login, the user can click the "Login" link at the top of AccessPoint.


      I was hoping that when the user clicks on "Login" at the top right of AccessPoint, their credentials would be passed to the DSC inside the domain and validated there. However, this is not the case. Only local users on the machine can login using this method, so it must be using the local machine to authenticate.

      Is there any way to get QVWS to send the credentials to the DSC inside the domain, and authenticate the user that way?