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    Selections not working in QVScriptGenerator (JMeter)



      On to the next issue (for those of you who saw the last one about killing connections).


      I'm almost set.  My test case runs and all.  I can switch between sheets, and I turned on the audit logging in the server so I can see what a user is doing (a little).


      The issue I'm having now is that when I put an action in which says 'Listbox'.  It's not selecting anything.  I also tried Multibox, and same thing, nothing.  I tried several versions of parms.    To reap what I'm doing:  I'm selecting the home sheet, then I'm selecting a list box, nothing fancy.  I tried random without file, random of enabled without a file, and I also tried a static selection and put in a parameter.  No dice.   Then I move on to selecting a new sheet.    When I look to see what QV logs in the audit log it's only logging that the user moved to the 2 different sheets.  Nothing about the selections.     I then went in manually and did that myself (without JMeter or anything) and I get an audit log of going to a sheet, making a selection then going to another sheet.   I thought about randomizing based on a file, but I thought that if my static selection isn't working, then the file might not either.   Any ideas?