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      Hello everyone,


      I need help with my script-I want to view the date as month, year, and day.

      Here is my script:

      [Event Date],

      [Event Type],


      when I write:

      Year (Event Date) AS Year,

      Month (Event Date) AS Month,

      Day (Event Date) AS Day,


      it gives me an error. I may be making a small mistake can you write out how i am suppose to write it and exactly where to enter it.


      Thank you!

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          deepak kurup



          You have to put Event Date inside the bracket []




          Year ([Event Date]) AS Year,

          Month ([Event Date]) AS Month,

          Day ([Event Date]) AS Day,



          I hope this helps




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              Deepak is absolutely correct, any fields with spaces in the name should be referred to with left and right brackets [].


              You can also reformat your dates on the numbering tab properties after they've been brought into your QlikView document. For example if you wanted to change MM-DD-YYYY, to just YYYY - this will only render out the year. You can do the same with MM and DD.



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                  Rob Wunderlich

                  Reformatting will not actually group the values, it will just change the display format. If you have two values:





                  Set the format to "YYYY'. Put them in a listbox and you will see 2012 listed twice. Probably not what you want. You have to use the Year() function to extract the year and change the underlying value.