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    Issue with a NULL value



      I am having an issue that I am unable to resolve and am hoping someone could help me.

      In the attached document, Sup.qvw, On tab Sheet 10, when I  filter on Location Code ->OCDAM, I get [Resp Centre] values as NULL and  WAHAROA.


      However, it should not be returning any NULL.


      In the load script, on Transaction tab, when I comment out the script where  we concatenate the Sales Transaction table with TempSalesForecast table and  reload the script, the Location Code OCDAM returns only WAHAROA (which is  correct).


      However, when I uncomment it, it seems to be returning both NULL and WAHAROA  for Location Code OCDAM. If I copy the LOAD statement commented out above into a  separate qvw (Test.qvw) and run it, it  seems to be returning only WAHAROA.


      I dont understand where I am going wrong. I suspect its because of the mapping load I use to look up [Resp Centre] in the load script


      Can someone plz help.