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    QVS job disabled by disabling one out of more triggers on one job???

    Linda Monincx



      I was wondering if anyone else experienced the following issue:


      I have a full load job on abc.qvw, it has two triggers on it


      1) Trigger: TaskFinishedTrigger  :> start on succesfull completion of a.qvw

      2) Trigger: TaskFinishedTrigger :> start on succesfull completion of b.qvw


      This works fine as soon as a or b is succesfully finished the model is reloaded.


      Now i disabled trigger 2 by removing the enabled flag within the trigger, in the trigger overview Trigger 1 is enabled, trigger 2 is disabled, seems fine.


      But when going to the Status page (first tab) the status of the abc.qvw is set to disabled and when the job behind trigger 1 (enabled) is successfully finished qvs is not running my model!!!!


      It only works when i completly remove trigger 2 out of the console.


      Kind regards,


      Linda Monincx