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    How to make a Histogram chart with the following data? Urgent

      Hi All,


      My data is in this format:



      Column1(Country)         Column2(Product)        Column3(Netsales in $)


      A                                         Dove                       250

      A                                        Sunsilk                     100

      B                                        Panteen                   300

      B                                           X                           200

      B                                           Y                           120

      C                                           Z                            50

      C                                          M                            87

      A                                          M                            500

      C                                        Dove                        110


      and the list goes on, now what i want is to plot a histogram chart.

      Whenever i select a country i should get all the products under that country as bar where each bar represents a product and the BIN should be below avg, avg and above average.


      Please reply if anyone has any idea, if possible tell me the expressions and dimenssions as i don't have Licensed version of QV.




      Many thanks in Advance


      Thanks and Regards

      Sagar Gupta