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    Full Browser Version Session Recovery in QV Server v11

    Richard de Gruchy

      Hi All


      We have a server running v11 (11.0.11271.0) and users using the Full Browser Version (AJAX) on IE.


      When a user makes a selection in a document, returns to the Access Point, then reopens the document again, it remembers the selection, for the term of the browser session.  According to the release notes this is a new feature called 'Session Recovery'.  We would like to switch this off, so the behaviour is the same as the IE Plugin, ie. it forgets the selections when you exit the document.


      The documentation says this can be done with the setting as follows:

      System > Setup > QlikView Servers > Documents > Allow Session Collaboration - unticked  (ticked by default)


      I have tested this and it seems not to change the functionality at all.  That is, whether the above is ticked or unticked it always remembers the users selections  while the browser is open.


      I did press 'Apply' when I changed the 'Allow Session Collaboration' and I did close the browser and reopen it between tests.


      Does anyone have any information on this?