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    Complex Date selections

    Ella Thomas

      We are looking to have a table that will show users to our system who were active and had active responsiblities between two dates. In total, there are six date parameters involved in this (3 end and 3 start dates). I want to be able to allow the end user to pick their own start and end dates but have come across two major issues!

      1) how can i allow the users to pick a date that might not actually exist? i.e. they want users created after the 01/04/11 but no user was actually created on that date?

      2) when they pick a date, i want then to actually be picking the less than or greater than date in a calculation...


      i appreciate the above may not be the cleanest way of achieving our required end result - it would be great if they only had to pick the start and end date once, and am working on how i can make the load script load all three created dates as the same 'Start Date' and the three end dates as 'End Date', but even then i will still have the above issues!!


      all help appreciated!