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    Hiding of  chart


      I need a small help.




      As you can see in the above chart I have to display charts according to the buttons clicked(mentioned in the left).I did that.

      But the question is no graph should be displayed initially with out clicking any of the two buttons.






        • Hiding of  chart

          pls help me in solving this





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            Sokkorn Cheav

            Hi Surendra,


            I think you show or hide chart base on click button with set variable action? Am I right? If this one, then let set variable value when app open.


            Goto Settings ==> Document Properties ==> Trigger





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                Hi Sokkorn,

                I could get that by setting the value of varible used to display the charts to zero in trigger. Thanks a lot for your help.



                Hi Erika,

                I tried as you advised, I used a text object with condition like when '$(vChart)'<>'$(vBarChart)' and '$(vChart)'<>'$(vBlock)'.

                But by default the text object is not being displayed when the page opens, instead a chart type was opened.

                Any how I succeeded with seeting the variable to zero in Document Properties->Trigger->Onanyselect_>

                select in Field->

                I have set the value of variable for selecting any chart types to zero.

                Thanks a lot for your time Erika.





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                Hi Surendra,


                Please check the attached file. hope it will solve your problem


                Thanks & Regards,

                Arun Prasadh.N.

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                    Hi Arun,

                    you are right to some extent in that example, but in my report there are many parameters for that.

                    When we click on different parameters and come back to the original parameters , by default a chart will be displayed. That has to be hidden automatically.

                    From your example I have to click on hide chart button to hide the chart. That's not what I desired. I just want to hide them automatically when we get back to the original parameters.

                    Hope you understand.

                    Any how this is done with the help of Sokkorn's idea. Thanks for your time.





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                      Hitesh Wagh

                      Hi Arun,


                      Your solution from the attached file CommunityTest.qvw has helped me to some extent.


                      In my Case i have 5 Pivot table and 5 Button, on each button i have to show 1 Pivot table and hide other 4.

                      i have set the variable on the button as you have shown in the CommunityTest.qvw


                      Do i have set any other Properties??


                      As I am just a new learner for Qlikview it has been 1month i have started working on it.


                      Thanks for the Post