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    Combining 2 diferent dimensions of date!

      Greetings to all.

      I have the following problem, and I agree with Michael that this can be resolved from the script but as in other forum that interests me is to mix at the level of expression of the chart (or other out of the script) two dates that come with different names from relevant sources, logically these are treated as separate data in the cloud but I want those 2 dates with different column names are taken as one for all data relate to the same date in the same graph.


      PurchaseDate      PurchaseAmount

      01/01/2012          1500

      AuctionDate         AuctionAmount

      01/01/2012          3000

      So in the chart I see two lines with the sum of the amounts of purchases and auctions to date from 01/01/2012, but in dimension how i can merge AuctionDate and PurchaseDate to take a single date and list the data?.