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    Help with expression inside multibox



      This might sound simple but am really not able to find a solution for this till now.


      I need to have a multibox that will show year,quarter,month and week. In each drop down (for each of the mentioned items), i need only those values for which the count of survey_id is greater than one.


      making it more clear, lets take the example of year. year is being taken from a calender table that has years ranging from 1800 to 2500.

      I just need those years for which the corresponding count of survey_id is >0, to be shown in the drop down.


      can anyone helpme frame the expression that will mean.. show only those years in 'year' drop down, for which the corresponding count(survey_id)>0


      something like =if( (count{<Year>}(survey_id))>0, Year)


      however the above expression returns no values.



      plz help